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Marine Plastic Abatement thru hopeful youth

MPAthy - conceived by Gayathri Govindarajan, to create awareness and to involve the hopeful youth to protect Sea.

The Story

Filed trip that Gayathri went when she was at De Vargas School, Cupertino USA.
That trip played a major role to understand the value of nature.

After her graduation in  ACTech of Anna University , she joined Environmental Management in UQ Australia.
She was awarded with Japanese scholarship to pursue Masters in Marine Plastic Abatement at AIT Thailand.

Currently Gayathri Govindarajan , has taken up implementing "MPAthy" - Marine Plastic Abatment thru hopeufl youth - a program to reach out youth.
Apart from this program,  Gayathri Govindarajan is working on "Project - Mannar Bay " 

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